James Evers-Swindell

Building websites with WordPress

I have been building websites for more than 7 years now and on most occasions WordPress is the CMS I reach for. My biggest reason for it's continued use - it's flexibility.

In my opinion WordPress's most valuable asset is the way it allows you to manage and organise your data. This makes it an exceptionally good starting point for a number of different projects. Traditionally a blogging platform, it's evolved over the years into a solid CMS on which you can build brochure and corporate sites, portfolios, e-commerce stores, community forums, and much more.

Having a CMS that can be used for a variety of projects provides me with a consistent base from which to build, that in turn allows for quicker and more robust web development, and a reduction in costs.

The other key reason for it being in my toolkit is it's wide spread adoption. WordPress is the CMS of choice for over 30% of the web and growing. It’s also open-source, has an astonishing list of plugins which give you access to some excellent features, and it boasts a fantastic community for your support.

As a result of it's popularity it tends to be familiar to most people, and makes onboarding clients to the CMS very easy.

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