James Evers-Swindell

About James Evers-Swindell

I'm a freelance WordPress developer based in Shropshire, UK. Whilst it took some time to figure out that freelancing and web development was the path for me, I'm really glad that I got here in the end!

My background

Whilst I have always enjoyed tinkering with computers my education predominantly followed a path of art, design, and various creative outlets.

At university I initially pursued music production - then I moved to graphic design, with a focus on typography. No one said the path had to be straight forward!

Eventually I decided that bringing together my passion for computers, code, and design was the best fit for me. So I grabbed multiple .net magazine publications (way back when) and studied them furiously alongside any information I could glean from the internet. Fast forward 6 months later and I had my first job as a web designer.

In the following 9+ years I've progressed from junior web designer to director, then taken the leap of faith to continue my journey as a self-employed front end developer.

I have been fortunate to work alongside some fantastic clients in this time, building excellent relationships with design agencies and freelancers alike. I've been involved in projects from multiple sectors including councils, charities, photography agencies, property, startups, e-commerce and online marketplaces.

And when I'm not at my keyboard there's a good chance I'm racing through the Shropshire Hills on my mountain bike, or exploring the wilderness with my wife and the dog.

What I'm doing now

My current focus is bespoke WordPress development (including headless CMS options) for agencies and fellow freelancers who want to get their designs built into functioning websites.

I prefer the front of the frontend so to speak (HTML, CSS, JS), probably due to my background in design. As well as performance testing and optimisation.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Alternatively you can reach me by emailing hello@jamesevers.co.uk

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Skills, Capabilities & Knowledge

If you want to know more about my specific skills I've highlighted a few standouts below.

Core Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Sass (SCSS)
  • Less

CMS's & Frameworks


  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • VSC
  • Composer

Version Control & Repository Hosting

  • Git
  • GutHub
  • BitBucket

Conventions & Best Practices

  • W3C
  • Semantic HTML
  • BEM
  • Mobile first

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Affinity