So how do I build a website that achieves this?

Primarily through a few guiding principles I've come to follow over the last 10 years in web development.

  1. Always continue to pursue, learn and understand modern approaches to web design and development without losing site of the core principles.

  2. Establish a genuine empathy with users and customers to build authentic and inclusive digital experiences that are helpful and engaging.

  3. Commit to making website owners more informed on their options and the best ways to manage their websites for successful outcomes.

By combining these principles with excellent communication I'll work with you to create a deep understanding of your goals, so that we can deliver a website that's built from the ground up and tailored to your business.

If these values align with yours then get in touch and let's work together to build something amazing.

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The fundamentals of good web development

When I build a website there are a number of aspects that I consider essential to the delivery of a successful project. In fact, I would go as far as saying these are non-negotiable when developing modern websites.

Let's take a look at these essential aspects I include in every website I build, and why they are so important for your website to succeed...

Clear and intuitive navigation patterns

If your users cannot find the products or information they are searching for quickly and easily, following modern conventions, they are going to be frustrated and likely leave your website without making a purchase or registering their interest.

Responsive design

Your website will be viewed on everything from smartphones to computers, and more, with every screen size you can think of. So it's important your website is designed to scale accordingly, retaining the correct flow and hierarchy of information for users to follow along clearly.

Cross browser and cross device support

Equally as important as responsive design, cross bowser an device support allow your website to work appropriately to the device being used. It's important to be aware that achieving 100% identical designs in different browsers is not a realistic goal. Neither is the long term support of legacy browsers.

Semantic markup focussed on accessibility

Using the correct HTML elements to form strong content structure is incredibly important. It helps assistive technologies like screen readers, and improves accessibility in general. It also provides benefits to UI controls for users navigating website via keyboards.

Fast page load speed and performance

The speed your website loads at has one of the biggest bearings on conversion rates for e-commerce. Time is finite and no one wants to wait around for unoptimised websites to load. Expect to loose customers if you don't have a robust strategy for optimising assets and performance.

Sustainable web design

The CO2 output from the internet is currently growing out of control. To curb the long term effects we need to have strategies in place to reduce this as much as possible. Luckily sustainable web practices go hand in hand with performance optimisation. A fast websites are typically lower in resources and energy consumption.

Data security and customer privacy

Prioritise the security of customers and users data, in the same way you would your own and that of your website. Any time you collect data from a user they put their trust in you to manage that data responsibly and in good faith. The same goes for user privacy, Google Analytics may be the default choice for analytics, but there are less invasive options available which I am happy to recommend.

Distraction free browsing, reducing adverts and pop-ups

The current state of mobile websites is about as appalling as it has ever been. The number of websites with distracting adverts, pop-ups, and adverts is endless. Every time a potential customer faces these they have a choice, navigate through complicated cookie policies, struggle to find the close buttons, or simply leave the website. So be mindful.

Easy stress free content management and authoring

As a website owner it's imperative that you have the confidence and skills to manage your website. It could be as simple as editing text, or updating product prices, to more complicated things like adding new pages and sections. Having the power and understanding to manage your website ensures better content and information for your users, and long term cost saving from not having to rely solely on developers.

Appropriate high quality media

The old saying that an image is worth a thousand words is often true. It can be incredibly illustrative of the subject at hand. Likewise a video can offer even more. However images and videos are the biggest causes of slow websites, they should be used appropriately and with good practices that make use of modern techniques to optimise them.

That's a lot of different points, but good web development requires extensive knowledge, empathy with customers and users alike, and a good deal of hard work!

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