Examples of a few WordPress and front end web development problems I can help you solve...

  • You're an agency, designer or business and have a design that requires coding into a WordPress website, or a standalone bespoke website.

  • You'd like to use WordPress as a headless CMS, and take advantage of the performance and security benefits the Jamstack has to offer. I currently use Eleventy or Gatsby as front end frameworks for headless WordPress solutions.

  • You need a custom WordPress plugin or API developed, or a way to connect a 3rd party service to your WordPress site.

  • You need a performance audit on your website to ensure it's not losing you sales or business leads. I can provide a robust strategy to ensure you are not missing performance opportunities, and are staying as sustainable as possible.

  • You want help building a design system from someone who specialises in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and loves working on the "front" of front end web development.

And to save you some time, here's a few things I don't provide, otherwise...

Things I'm afraid I can't help with...

  • I am not providing website design currently, I'm focussing on front end development. I know some great designers, so let me know if you need pointing in the right direction.

  • I don't work with WordPress page builder plugins like Elementor and Avada. I accept they have their place, however I don't believe they offer the best experience when developing or managing a website. They are already being surpassed by the WordPress block editor in regards to site speed and performance.

  • I also don't work with websites built with SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, or other website builders at this time.