What are your working hours?

9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday. (Please note I operate a 4 day week).

Why isn't your phone number listed?

The best way I can provide considered answers to your questions is by reviewing queries ahead of time so they are fully understood. At that point we can then schedule a call to discuss things in more details.

So what is the best way to contact you?

Use my contact form or email address, and provide me with a short and clear description of what you need. Including your budget and desired completion date will help significantly.

What's your current availability?

It varies so if you want to guarantee my time it's best to book in your project early and secure it with a deposit.

Typical lead times are a couple of weeks, but could be up to a month or more in very busy periods.

Can I just get a quote for 'X'?

Most likely I can provide an estimate - but it's like asking how long is a piece of string. Every project, website, and app has varying requirements, so an "X" number of pages website will be different for every client.

If you want a fixed price quote you'll need to to provide all the necessary details upfront - and it may still require additional time and research.

What's the difference between an estimate and a quote?

An estimated cost is an educated guess based on my previous 10+ years experience to give you an idea of the required budget for a project. An estimate is NOT a guarantee that I will complete the specific project/job/task for that price.

A quote is a fixed cost for which I have agreed to complete the specified work.

What are your payment terms?

Typically 14 days, with a 50% deposit. Retainers are paid at the beginning of each month.

Projects can vary significantly, so terms can be flexible in some cases.

Do you provide design services?

My background and degree is in graphic design. However I'm not currently offering design as a service. I know some great designers so let me know if you want a recommendation.

Can you work on-site at our office?

Predominately I work remotely so don't do on-site work. I may reassess this in the future.