Are you using a passphrase?

As a front end web developer there’s a lot I can do to help maximise how secure the websites I build are from a technical standpoint. However I also think part of that is a responsibility to remind the users, customers, and owners of these products just how important good password practice is.

I think we are as a whole becoming more aware of the need to keep things secure in this digital age where so much of our information is held in online services, but we often overlook best practices in favor of ease of use and convenience.

I understand why this happens, but quite often the weakest point of a website is the username and password.

I would recommend using passphrases over passwords, as a short collection of words they are easier to remember, and as they are longer than passwords, they are typically harder to crack. As a result it makes everyone’s life easier and the login information more secure.

There’s a great article here about the benefits:

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