Choose your WordPress plugins wisely!

Remember to be selective over the plugins you choose for your WordPress website.

One of WordPress’s biggest appeals is the vast array of plugins available to help achieve the functionality you want. There’s a plugin to do pretty much anything you can think of on WordPress, and there’s definitely a temptation to keep adding plugins to increase what your site is capable of. But there comes a point when you have to ask if your plugins are the right ones, and whether you really need them at all.

Incorrectly chosen plugins have the potential to cause issues with your websites performance, security, and reliability.

When you are choosing plugins it’s best to look for good ratings, active support with regular updates, and that it’s tested on your version of WordPress.

It’s also a good idea to inspect your websites pages after installing a new plugin to make sure there are no unexpected changes. And if you are concerned about performance (which you should be) then it’s worth testing your website with Google’s Page Speed tools to see what difference that plugin has had.

This should then help you to qualify whether it’s the best plugin for you, or whether you may need bespoke help from a developer to achieve the desired functionality.

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