Improved website page speed can lead to a better user experience and increased sales conversions

It’s a distinct possibility that your website will receive more visitors over the coming weeks than it has previously due to current restrictions in the UK.

So make sure your websites page speed is the best it can be, and give your users a good experience. You’ll also be maximising your potential sales and conversions.

Mobile page speed is an important ranking factor, but so is your customers user experience. That experience may be a decisive factor in their decision to return to your website in the future – potentially generating more sales. So don’t take it for granted that everyone is on high speed internet or 5G. It’s highly unlikely that your website loads “instantly” for them.

Visit and to see how your website performs. Higher scores and lower speeds are obviously better, and if you need a little help figuring out the jargon contact your web developer. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help explain things.

Then see what you and your web developer can do to improve your websites performance.

Remember to be realistic though, some performance improvements come at a cost. Be prepared to invest if required, but keep in mind the potential returns on that investment through improved conversions and visitor retention in the long term.

I know I’m still banging the page speed drum, but it’s important!

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