Keep your WordPress admin area tidy

The WordPress admin provides a rich editing experience with a variety of features and tools at our disposal. However there are times when these features just aren’t required for our websites – so wouldn’t it be nice if we could hide them?

Less clutter keeps us focused, so fewer menus and options should make our path to completing our tasks a little more straight forward. Removing unnecessary items may also be helpful for anyone who is unfamiliar with the WP admin, or who finds it a little overwhelming.

Well with a little help from the Adminimize plugin it’s a rather straight forward affair.

Once installed, view the Adminimize plugin settings and you’ll be presented with a list of areas that can be amended. Below you can see the menu list and areas you can control.

Adminimize menu list

So let’s say we have a website that doesn’t allow users to leave comments on posts or pages. It would make sense to remove the Comments view (shown below) from the menu and keep everything tidy.

WordPress menu with comments menu

We can do this by choosing the Menu Options link from the Adminimize menu list, then scrolling down to find the Comments view, and checking the corresponding box for each of the user roles we want to hide this view from. Click Update Options, and that’s it, nice and straight forward.

Adminimize comments disabled

If we now refresh our page we can see that the Comments view has been removed from the main menu.

WordPress menu with comments disabled

This is just a very simple example, so make sure to explore the options the plugin provides and see which might help you better tidy up your WordPress admin.


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