Successful projects are the result of how you apply your knowledge and skills, not the tools and frameworks you use

I like to think the tech community is on the whole a positive place where we can all come together and help one another. I for one have made some great connections through it. However I want to highlight a concern I see on a fairly regular basis. One which I think goes against the spirit of building community.

That concern is with individuals who make statements to devalue tools and approaches in design and development, or anywhere else for that matter, simply because they don’t adhere to that persons own choices.

I’m fairly certain I have been guilty of these sorts of hot takes in the past. However I hope I have grown enough to now know better and use my voice to create a more positive environment on social platforms.

These negative statements often do little to help others, or indeed educate when there are genuinely better ways to approach work. Everyone has an opinion, myself included, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should tell others they are doing things wrong because they choose a different approach. Navigating the world of web development can be tough, so it wouldn’t hurt if we all had a little more empathy and compassion towards our fellow peers.

There’s always more than one way to achieve a goal or build a successful project. What you need is the ability to apply your knowledge and skills to meet the brief at hand, exceed it where possible, and provide a positive experience for the client. When the project is completed, if you ask yourself “is that the best I can do?” and you can truthfully answer yes, then consider it a a job well done.

In achieving that success I hope it becomes apparent that it really doesn’t matter what tools, framework or approach you have chosen. There will always be time to learn new things. In the future you can put them into practice as and when you have the understanding and skill to do so. So don’t feel under pressure to use a different approach just because one individual or scene on social said that’s what you have to do.

I hope this will serve as a positive reminder to all those out there still learning their way. Stay motivated and do not be put off by others.


Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

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