Recommended Solving the Quality vs Consistency Tradeoff by @swyx

It’s time to admit that when comes to content creation I’m currently struggling with quality vs consistency.

Over the last 6 months I have been determined to try and write more. When I decided on this I had two key goals in mind. Firstly I wanted to organically increase awareness of my freelancing as a WordPress developer. Secondly I hoped that the content I wrote might be useful to others.

When I started out I wrote brief posts, and as my writing evolved I gained the confidence to start writing longer pieces. Eventually I became interested in understanding how I could write better ranking content. My research suggested long form content, focusing on quality – which quite frankly makes perfect sense. With this in mind I started becoming pickier about what I wanted to write, and the scope of what I wanted to cover in those articles.

However what I found was that the time between posting content became longer and longer, and articles became harder to finish as I was constantly trying to refine them. These issues were compounded by a busy work schedule, and the end result is less content created than before. This has obviously been the source of some frustration for me.

Coming across Solving the Quality vs Consistency Tradeoff by Shawn Wang (@swyx) gave me something of a reality check. If I want to pursue growth and get myself out there then I am going to have to cut the scope of my content, and start writing more frequently.

I felt this was worth sharing for anyone else who’s encountered the same issues.

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